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Are you curious about Essential Oils? Do you want to know more or are you ready to get started?

Step 1: Fill out the form below to get your package of free samples! 


Step 2: Choose the Collection you would like to start your Membership with...

If you want to do something more à la carte, our essential oils community has curated over 20 wellness boxes with suggested oils and products to support your highest health priorities!
We’ve recorded a short video with each box teaching you exactly how to use the products in that box once it arrives.

To have the wholesale pricing we show with these wellness boxes, scroll down for the simple steps.

Simple Solutions Starter Kit 


$105 USD / $134.75 CAD

A great way to start your oils journey!

Healthy Start Kit


$160 USD / $205.25 CAD

A great way to go deeper with your oils journey!

Healthy Home Kit 

Home Essentials Collection 

Natural Solutions Kit 


$350 USD / $449 CAD

A kit that will help you transform each part of your home. 

Canada Only - $330 CAD

The most popular collection that people start their membership with.
doTERRA's Top 10 oils plus our Petal Diffuser. 

$570 USD / $600 CAD

When you're ready to do a complete health overhaul for the entire house.

Every country has differing options for starter collections in their local currencies, you can reference those through the links below:

Canadian Enrollment Kits

American Enrollment Kits

Australian Enrollment Kits 

European Enrollment Kits 

Step 3: Purchase your Collection 


  • Click the 'Become a Member’ box at the bottom right of the screen

  • Click the “wholesale customer” option selected 
    (this means you’ll be receiving the best pricing on your orders, including the one you’re placing right now) 

  • Choose your Country and Language then Fill in your personal info
    (make sure that my Enroller ID 2991923 populates in the space where it asks for that info, this ensures you're getting plugged into my team and resources)

  • On the next screen choose whichever starter collection you’re feeling pulled to or make your own first order by adding the Intro Booklet to unlock your wholesale pricing and selecting the oils and products you want to start with

  • Finalize your shipping and payment options  

  • Click “Process Order Now & Continue”
    **on the following screen you'll be invited to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order, you can set this up yourself right away and I'd also like to review the details of this option for you on our welcome call

Step 4: Get to Know your Oils 

My favourite way to welcome you into my oils community is to get you following resources right away:

  • A welcome email sent to you within 24 hours of your membership purchase with some special community gifts attached

  • 30 min, 1:1 welcome call + membership overview

  • 13 weeks of education delivered to your inbox (free, optional subscription accessed through the welcome email)

  • Our Mountain Mama Oils Facebook group plus a few others I love!

I will try to book our welcome call or visit while we're setting up your membership together, and if that isn't possible please look out for details on how to get yours scheduled in the welcome email that I send you. These oils can only get to work for you if you know how to use them - so let's map that out for you! 

When your order arrives, I invite you to jump right in. Open them up, have your own private smelling party! If a diffuser is part of your package, fill it with fresh water and a few drops of whichever oil stood out for you when you opened the caps, then plug it in. 

Be sure to watch the mail for your special welcome package that I will send to you! 

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