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1 year in the USA!

How is it possible that one year ago this week we were packing up our house in Squamish, BC and getting ready to start a new adventure living in the USA?!?!? We have had so many learning experiences, happy feelings, sad feelings, excited moments and just all around emotions while we have been here. We have grown as a family, as a couple and as individuals. If you would have told me a year ago that I would now feel like I am part of this community I would not have believed you. Those first few months were hard, really hard. I didn't know anyone, I was trying my hardest to meet new people (see blog post on "dating parents") and still trying to figure out who I was if I wasn't teaching in a classroom. There were many nights of tears and worry that I was not doing enough to keep my kids engaged and actively learning, especially Ben who was going to be starting school soon. But slowly things started to click, I started seeing moms that I had met at the library at the pool or other places around town, I started going to yoga more, the kids were surprising me in what they were learning from me (Ben learning to love the

pool and starting to read 😍) and Tim and I were taking time to be with each other.

As the months went by we slowly started to get into a groove and really started to deepen the relationships that we were making. It was hard being vulnerable with new people but I quickly learned that that is the easiest way to make friends...just be yourself, all of yourself...child snot on your shirt and all! I now feel that if we were in any sort of crisis we have a handful of friends who would be there for us and help us in any way we need. I was happy that when i was asked to fill out an emergency contact for Ben at school, I knew that I had one. This is a feeling that I took for granted living in BC. We had so many friends that it felt like I was leaving someone out if they weren't an emergency contact!

The tipping point came in about April when I finally was able to give some advice to a friend about a local event. I wasn't the one asking...I was the one who knew about the event...I finally felt like a local! Since then we have had a fantastic summer. Many playdates for the kids, taking advantage of the fun activities that Colorado has to offer. The sunshine everyday was amazing. I was so happy to be able to get out and go swimming at the outdoor pool with the kids, go to yoga in the park and walk or ride bikes to the brewery down the street!

In June I surprised Ben and Tim with a trip to Whistler for their birthday's! Both Tim and I were worried about how we would feel being there. Would we be sad that it wasn't our home any more? Would we feel sad saying goodbye again? There were many feelings we felt while we were visiting...excitement to see everyone again, happiness to see the ocean and Coast Mountains and grateful that we have so many supportive friends. Both of us came away from that trip so happy to have BC as part of us but we were also happy that we decided to take the adventure and move to Colorado.

Now as we are into the full swing of the school year I am even more excited for the experiences we are having. Ben has started school at an International Baccalaureate school that is bilingual English and Spanish. So now I will learn more Spanish than "Una cerveza por favor" 🤣. Olivia is going to have more one on one time with just me as she is also taking ballet! Check out instagram for some cuteness overload! I am teaching yoga and mindfulness to the kids at Ben's school as well as yoga at the local yoga studio. Tim is going into a new ski season building on what he learned last season, spending time developing his team and looking forward to lots of snow!

As I reflect on the last year I am boggled by the amount I have learned, the experiences that we have had and the growth in our family. This is a special time for us and we continue to seek out the adventure in everyday.

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