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Are you setting 2019 goals in 2020?

At the beginning of 2020, I chose the word "consistency" as my word of the was going really well until March when the world imploded and we all just did what we needed to survive. As the months have rolled on I have created consistency in ways that I never thought I would when I set my goal in January. We have all heard that we need to pivot but what does that look like with all that is still uncertain in our world?!?! September is always the time that I like to reevaluate my goals and set new lets set some really 2020 goals to finish this crazy year strong.

So how to start...if you are familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs you will know that the first level is meeting your physiological needs. How are you doing with your food and what intake? I know that when I don't drink enough water then I can't focus on what else needs to be I am starting there...drink the dang water! Maybe it is time to set some goals around meal planning and prep so that your body can feel healthy and nourished. Goals for 2020 should start here and be simple. We need to feel successful right now...set goals on things that are easy to control and you can meet and then give yourself a huge high-five!

Now you can move up to the next level which is safety. Before you can sit down and meet those big life goals you need to feel safe in your space. Can you create spaces and environments for you and your family to feel safe? This could mean that you have a place in your home that is set up to clean your clothes and selves when you arrive home from being out. This could mean that you have a safe place to just be when you need to let all the emotions out...both adults and children. This could mean choosing to homeschool your children. If your safety needs are not met then you cannot meet any of your other goals. So think about a goal you can set to create the safest environment for you and your family.

The third level is love and belonging, also known as connection...I don't know about you but this is the one that I have found the hardest for our family. When we were first in quarantine I felt more connected than ever because we were all in lockdown together...but as other parts of the world started to open up and we stay at home this became harder and harder. This is where I am going to put a lot of my goals for the end of 2020. How can I get better connected to family and friends in a time where we all have different ways of living? Connection is especially important for our kiddos...they can not grow and thrive if they do not feel the connection to others. This is often hard to see in our little ones who are content to play in their own worlds of imagination but they need the connection too. I have reflected on this with our children and we have made some family goals to include more time together device-free (mom and dad especially) so that we can create deeper connections with each other.

Once those three levels are met then we can start to think about growth goals...BUT for 2020 you may need to just stick to those first three levels and that is is better than means that you are thinking about what you need as a person and as a family on the most basic levels. The end of 2020 can be about setting strong foundations with new routines so that when 2021 hits you are ready to roll!! We got this!!

2020 feels!

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