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Best Father's Day Gifts!

Here are some easy and fantastic ideas for the father figures in your life that can be ordered from your phone and delivered directly to them!! All of these ideas will also keep giving beyond just Father's Day! Take a moment and think about how you can give all year long!

1. Workout App Subscription. Is your dad or husband ready to take his workout goals to the next level? Or maybe they have loved the idea of working out at home. We have started using the Peloton app and we love but there many other options depending on what type of workouts you want. You could gift the app that you love and together keep each other accountable. What a great way to stay connected throughout the year!

2. Monthy Manscaping Subscription. Do you have a man in your life who now has a quarantine beard? I do! This kind of subscription can keep them stocked with all the goodies they need to maintain their facial or body hair! There a ton of options and many different price points...Dollar Shave Club is one we have used before. They have a ton of customizable options that can be as cheap as $20 or less per month depending on the products!

3. E-Reader with a subscription to an online library. Is your dad a reader? I am in love with the idea of a monthly e-book subscription. This is a very affordable gift and one that any avid reader would love. It is also great for someone who travels a lot, they can have all their books in one little device. Having access to millions of books for a full year would make them so excited and happy! Do some research and find out what the best option for your dad would be and go for it.

4. Beer of the Month Club...This is a fantastic gift to start right before the summer. This is a great way to try different beers or to support your local brewery. Google your favourite brewery and see if they do deliveries. Each month you can surprise your dad with a new and exciting beer to try. It is a great way to learn together!

5. If you have a father figure who has everything this is the website for you! They have some of the coolest and unique gifts I have ever seen. Some of my favourites are the lawn sized games (dominos, Jenga, etc), the customizable map products (coasters, wall art, etc), and the beer and whiskey making kits. There really is something for everyone!

I hope that I have given you some new and fresh ideas for Father's Day! Any of these gifts would be fantastic for the father that you celebrate on Father's Day! Share with me what you got! Follow me on Instagram to see what we are giving @mountainmamawellness

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