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Clearing out space...literally!

One of the best ways I find to fell less stuck is to do a little cleaning and decluttering. It just so happens that my favourite time of year to do it is before the holidays. After clearing out unwanted clutter I often feel lighter and my mind feels more clam. It makes sense as when you decrease the amount of stuff you have you literally create more space and this, in turn, has huge positive effects. If you joined me last year on my two declutter challenges you will know that I love it! If this is your first time I encourage you to jump in...the water is lovely and you won't regret it! I promise!

I want you to first think about what you will gain by doing a big declutter. Often times there are areas of the house we avoid because there is so much crap there or there are other places we are overwhelmed with for the same reason. I encourage you not to start in those places because I want you to stick with the challenge for the full 30 days. Just like learning something new, if you try to start with the hardest skill you will give up much faster than if you start with the easiest skill and work your way up. I know that my biggest challenge is going to be my has paper everywhere and I want to make sure that they get sorted to the correct spots but I am not going to start there.

With this challenge, we use the day number of the challenge as a guide for the number of items to declutter. So, on day 1 all you need to do is find one thing to declutter. I will also encourage you on the first day to find 3 spaces to sort your things, a donate pile, a sell pile and a garbage pile (this can just be the garbage or recycling can). Now you are ready to take on the next 30 days!

I will be live every day of this challenge sharing what I am decluttering and I encourage you to do so too. It will keep you accountable. I also encourage you to get your family involved. My kids and husband know that with Christmas approaching it is time to declutter in our house! We will feel so great on December 15th!

So follow along @mountainmamawellness on Instagram or Moutainmamawellnessvip on Facebook!

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