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Finding Balance in a New Season

As we shift into the fall and winter season we are shifting into Vata Dosha (Ayurvedic Teachings). This means that the weather is cooler, dryer and windier. Even if you are not into the ancient Indian teachings of the Ayurvedic cycle you can just observe the weather and nature and see that the cool dryness of fall is causing a shift in your body and in your home. When we live according to the seasons and the weather we can better discover our triggers and create solutions for what might be causing us to be off-balance. If you are curious about learning about Ayurveda, check out this website

So what can you do to balance yourself in this season of change? Increase the warm, moist and heavy foods you eat. There is a reason that at this time of the year we crave a good hearty soup or stew and we break out the slow cooker again. Our body is telling us that we need to balance our Vata Dosha. Think about how you feel after having a really warm soup full of root veggies. I know that I always feel a bit more grounded and nourished after that.

You can also balance your Vata Dosha with actions. Fall is a great time to slow down and do one thing at a time. Setting a good routine where you intentionally choose your actions and plans will help as you move into the holiday season. Adding a daily meditation where you focus on grounding and gratitude is an excellent way to help balance your Vata Dosha. Finally, spending more time with loved ones is important too. When you slow down, set your plans intentionally and focus on who is important to you, you will feel more balanced as this season comes and goes.

Below are some amazing Vata Dosha recipes to try:

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