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September is the new January!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I am not huge on setting New Year's resolutions but I do like to reflect on how I am feeling and set some goals to help bring about change. This past January was all about drinking more water and moving my body more. It was great to try and work it into my routine and with the addition of my yoga teacher training course I was moving lots and drinking lots, water that is 😉. the summer arrived our routines changed and so did my focus. No regrets here, we had a fantastic summer and I was so grateful to spend the extra time with the kids...especially since Ben is now in Kindergarten 😲. Here we are in September and the teacher in me is ready to start fresh again. There is something about September that brings about change, maybe it is the back to school feel (even if you don't have kids), maybe it is the changing weather or maybe it is the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte! Either way, September is a great month to start fresh.

I am ready to reflect again and think about what change I can bring about in my life. As I sit here and write this I seem to have a little bit extra time on my hands...Ben is at school and Olivia is napping! So what am I going to do with this glorious time I have?? There are many things swirling around in my head (have a nap myself, clean something around the house, read a book) but on top of the list is to make more time to help others. I have missed my Rotary club A LOT and all the good that they do in Whistler. I have not found a club here that meets together at a time that works for me...not to mention there aren't may clubs that are amazing as the Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium! So how can I fill that void? Well, I want to reach out to my community here on my blog. I will be building it up as a resource for yoga, wellness, kids and food. I want to create a place where people will come to and find great information that will help them and their family live their best life. So if there is something you want to know or see...send me a message! I already have a few really great recipes that are quick weeknight meals. Less time cooking more time being together. There are some great yoga resources as well as some great info on add the natural essential oils to your life. Have a look around!

I challenge you to sit and reflect on what goals you want to set for the next few can be as simple as drinking more water each day, I will be doing that too! Change and growth are important and without them we often can find ourselves stuck and unsatisfied with where we are in our lives. So jump outside of your box and try making a change!

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