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Have you tried Meditating?

Over the last month I have been working on one of my Yoga Teacher Training assignments which asked us to meditate everyday for 30 days. This initially seemed like a very overwhelming task. I mean how do I work quiet meditation time into my day when I have two kids who won't even let me go to the bathroom alone. But it has been something that I have been drawn to for a while. I taught a form of meditation to my students when I was teaching to help with mindfulness and creating calm when they needed it. I always thought "Why am I not doing this too?" If I think there are such amazing benefits and I am seeing the results in my students shouldn't I be making time for it. This is where the struggle always begins...If I sit down and there are things that I think should be done, like dishes or laundry or even something for work, I will not not be able to focus on anything else until the list in my head is complete. I am sure there are many of you that can relate. So where is there time for meditating?? Then I thought enough is enough...stop making excuses already and go for it...jump in and see how you can make it work!

Through my Yoga Teacher Training I was directed to the Chopra Center's online meditation courses. This was a twenty one day series with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. It was only 20 minutes a day and included a guided meditation each day. I knew that this was for me...I wasn't going to be able to sit quietly without a little bit of help! It was a great series and it was free! Each morning or night depending on how the day started. I spent 20 minutes alone focusing on the daily meditation. Over the three weeks I was surprised how much I was looking forward to that time each day. I took some time to reflect in a journal as well...this helped me process the thoughts and feelings that came up during the meditation.

I was a bit skeptical at first whether or not this time would help me process any feelings I was having because I was only spending a few minutes each day. Oh boy...I was wrong! I don't think I knew how much I was holding on to. This particular series was about shedding the weight...which could be interpreted both figuratively and literally. Since moving to Colorado I have spent a lot of time wanting to make sure that we keep a part of the West Coast with us. I didn't realize how much I was trying to create our life now to be similar to our life before. While spending that time sitting quietly reflecting on the "weight" I had had been holding I realized that if we are going to have the full experience of living down here we need to be present in this life.

There is so much of the West Coast that is part of who we are, we will never lose that no matter where we live. I have continued to spend time meditating...though not everyday! I am grateful for the reminder that to fully experience life we need to be present. My meditation has allowed me the time to process all the thoughts, feelings and experiences I am having. I then either let go of it, learn from it or store it in my heart. By letting go of the unnecessary noise in my head I now have more room to experience all the amazing things that are present in my every day.

I challenge you to try it! There are so many amazing programs and apps that you can use to help bring clarity and calmness to your everyday chaos! You won't regret taking a few minutes for yourself to help you be your best self.

A place of calm in nature is always a great place for a quiet meditation.

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