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Mindful Tips for Increasing Productivity!

Do you work from home? Do you want to work smarter? Are you ready to be more productive in your job? I have been working from home now for almost two years and I have put together my top tips for maximizing your time. I want to be more efficient with my work time and have more time to spend with my family not worrying about work. These tips will work for you too even if you don't work from home. They are principals to follow in life as well. So here we go!

1. Schedule blocks of time. This is the most important to help you stay focused and on task. Giving yourself a window of time for only one activity is so important. I do this in my calendar on Sunday nights. I recently listened to an awesome podcast from Ange Peters (@hol:fit) where she shares how she breaks her calendar into blocks of time. There are 4 sections Creation (work time), Connection (with family and friends), Consumption (tv, social media) and Care (self-care). I love this idea. The biggest tip is that you can only do one type of block at a time. When you are in your Creation block you should only be creating and not Connecting with others. When you are in a Care block you should not be also in a Consumption block. When you can focus your time on just one thing at a time you will do it better and more efficiently. If you want to know more about this check out Ange's podcast HERE.

2. Multi-tasking is not a thing. Just like you need to be in those blocks doing only one type of block when you are in those blocks you should be focused on one thing. When I schedule a Creation block I schedule it for one thing...When that one thing is done then I can move on to the next thing. I need to utilize my time to the max so you would think that multitasking would be ideal but really you can not do more than one thing at a time well. When you try to do too many tasks at once you do them all ok, rather than taking time for each and doing them amazing!

3. Have a workspace you want to be in. If you work at home or away from home, you need to have a place you like to be in. If you want to be there more you will be more productive. Add a plant, a picture of your kids, keep it organized. If you have a chaotic space you will feel chaotic. My desk is in the toy room but I try to keep the papers organized and I can look out the window while I am sitting there. It doesn't have to be expensive things it just has to make you want to be in that space.

4. Have a "To Do" System. When you are in your blocks of work you need to be intentional about how you spend that time. Do you like making paper lists? Or are you more of a digital person? It doesn't matter the way that you make your list you just need to make it and start crossing things off. You will find that when you have the scheduled time you will be more likely to cross off the tougher items on the list. These lists can be used for anything from jobs that you have to do around the house to jobs that you need to get done at work. If you place the "To Do" list in the correct block of time you will be much more successful.

Taking the time to set up your week and how you use your time will increase your productivity, decrease your stress and allow you more time with your loved ones! Give it a try! Share it with others and tag me so I can see your progress (@mountainmamawellness)

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