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Tips for Getting your Monkeys Outside

One thing I have learned staying home with my two little monkey's is that we need to get outside...everyday! This has been a challenge some days...mostly because it seems like a lot of work for me! Do I really need to get them dressed in all of this gear just have them want to come inside in 5 minutes?? Yes!! Here are some tips to help you get outside more with your kids...everyone will be happier and healthier.

1. Have a Plan! This has been the biggest change in our outdoor activities. When we have a plan for our outside time thing go smoother and everyone is entertained for longer. This can be as simple as going to play with the toys in the backyard up

to a full on hike with friends. When we go outside with no plan we usually end up with a meltdown and find ourselves heading in earlier than I wanted to.

2. Make the plan with your kids. When I give Ben the chance to choose part of the plan he is always much more engaged and committed to the time outside. If I want us to go on a hike or to a park I let him choose the location. Sometimes that means giving him two options that I approve of but at least he still gets to feel like he got to choose :)

3. Think outside of the box. When I challenge us to try something new and outside of our comfort zone I am always surprised how well things go. This has been most of our outings since we moved to Colorado so I am an expert at trusting it will go well :) Try heading to a local lake or river to play in the mud or throw rocks. Try hiking a little further on the trail or find a new location you have never been. Kids love exploring!

4. Slow Down. Go at the pace of your kids. I often find when I slow down and let them discover on their own they have more fun and they learn more. They will be more engaged in the activity and you may find your self feeling more relaxed too.

5. Forget your phone. This one is hard for me because I love to document the fun to share with family but I always notice when I just enjoy our outside adventure we all have more fun. Those little people have such curious minds and when we just enjoy them with them it is amazing.

I hope that these tips will help you and your kids get outside more. #weneedmorewild #hikeitbaby #outdoorkids #mountainmamawellness

Hiking on the trails behind our house in Eagle

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