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You Need More Green in Your Life!

Do you have reluctant eaters in your house? Do you usually stick to beige food? I am here to help! We love eating a variety of food in our house. We have slowly introduced lots more veggies into our kitchen over the last 18 months as we transitioned to being mostly vegetarian. Sometimes it has gone really well...sometimes not but we have adopted some strategies that have really worked. I want to help you and your family here they are!

1. Offer new food and offer it many times with no consequences. We want to make them curious about what they are eating. If it is forced or if there is a consequence for not eating the new food then you are creating negative associations with the new food. Offering it many times in different ways promotes curiosity with children. Just because they didn't try the first time doesn't mean that they won't try it the second or tenth time. So get creative and offer those Brussel sprouts and mushrooms often!

2. Cook together as a famliy. Many, many times we have prepared dinner together as a family, it is such great family time but it also allows the kids to have a part in their meal. More often than not when they help chop, mix and put together dinner they eat it! If you have a new veggie that you want your kids to eat, have them prepare it!

3. Start with sweeter veggies. If you really want your kids to eat more veggies you need to be strategic about it...starting with Kale might not be the best start. Try starting with avocado or sweet peas and then gradually move to asparagus, broccoli, and kale! Having a plan can create success for everyone.

4. Experiment with spices. My kids love garlic salt, we use it on roasted Brussel sprouts and it is fantastic. We also love using rosemary, cumin, basil, parsley, and just salt and pepper. When you first introduce a new spice you can use just a little of it and gradually add more every time you cook it. You will be surprised how much your kids enjoy food with more flavour!

5. Be the example! If you want them to eat the green peas then you need to eat green peas too! If there is a food that you have always not liked then jump on board with your kids. My husband used to never like peas....guess who eats peas now 😉 This is such a great opportunity to connect with your kids and work together to discover new food!

I hope these tips have helped you! Have more? Share them with me! Now go and eat your green veggies!!

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