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Check out some of my favourite products here! 

Kids Yoga Products 

I use this all the time teaching kids yoga to help the kids visualize taking deep inhales and exhales. My kids love it too! 

This is a fun book with great breathing techniques in it! They are age-appropriate for kids! 

I have used this book for years to teach kids about being mindful and kind to others. My kids and I often talk about if we are filling or emptying each other's buckets! 

Adult Yoga Products 

Great all around mat at a grat price point. 

A good meditation pillow is so important. I also love this bolster to help support my yin yoga poses. 

Yoga blocks are part of my regular practice. They help support me in a variety of poses. I have two so that I can use them to bring the floor closer to me. 

A yoga strap is another important tool to have in your yoga practice. I often use mine to help me reach further into a pose or bring my arms together. 

Family Favourites 

This is the best lunch box! It doesn't leak and has the perfect amount of space for the kids. It always comes home empty and fits perfectly into the kid's backpack! 

This lunch kit fits the Bentgo box perfectly. It also a great size for your kid's backpack and comes in a ton of fun prints. 

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