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Yoga Playlists 

Favourite Yoga Links 

Lots of great info and links on my Mountain Mama Wellness Facebook Page and Instagram Account

Have you ever wanted to do yoga at home? Maybe you can't get to the studio or you just prefer doing yoga in the comfort of your home :) This is one of my favourite websites for yoga videos. Many of them are set in beautiful British Columbia! Oh yeah and they are free!

Are you curious to learn more about yoga and yoga poses? When I want to learn the specifics of a poses or how to benefit from it I look at the Yoga Journal website. There are a ton of great resources on it.

Meditation is something I have been working on integrating into my life more. It is not easy but I love checking out the Chopra Center for tips and tricks. They also offer free and paid meditation series as well as quizzes and info to help you lock into your specific needs.

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