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How do you adjust to change?

After living in our new house for just over a week we are adjusting quickly and loving it. This is the fourth house we have lived in in 3 years so we have a few strategies to help us adjust. If you are moving or need to shake things up, I encourage your to take a few of these steps to help you.

1. Put in effort before you move to discover your new location online. In the past week we have gone to the local library, neighbourhood outdoor swimming pool, bike park and community center. You can literally find everything on the internet and it was easy to discover these new places through google maps and our new town's website.

2. Sign your kids and yourself up for something. As I discovered the local area I also discovered the activities and events that are going on. Ben has played summer drop-in hockey and going to Lego camp. Olivia has started new ballet classes and they are both going to do swimming lessons and try out gymnastics. They have been so excited to try these new activities and it has made the adjustment to our new town special for them. I have also signed myself up for a new yoga membership. Not only is it going to allow me to keep up my physical activity, but I will be able to meet local people.

3. Organize your stuff and quickly as you can...I know that this sounds opposite to helping you adjust but trust me on this one. The faster you can make your house feel like your home you will settle into the change faster. Staring at boxes of your stuff and walking around unorganized things is going to create feelings of chaos and overwhelm. I suggest starting with the kitchen because the faster you to eat homemade food the better you will fell physically as well. Next I would suggest a place for the kids to play. When the kids are occupied then you can focus on the rest of the organization.

4. Go to the library. I mentioned this one above but it is worth mentioning as one on its own. Every town we have lived in has had a library and it has always been an amazing source of information. It is a place to play inside away from the weather, it is a place to meet other local people, it is a place to get more info about the local area and often there are events that are free and will allow you to connect with others. Not to mention the books!!!

Flatiron Mountains on the Front Range
Flatiron Mountains

These are just my top tips...I have tons more! If you are moving or thinking about it send me a message I would love to offer support both emotionally and with ideas to make the move easier! Follow me on Instagram for the latest adventures we are on @mountainamamwellness

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