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10 Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Order From Your Computer!

Are you an early shopper or a last-minute shopper? I usually like to get all of my shopping done early but I have a few family members who are so hard to buy for…I’m thinking if you MOM! This year I was determined to also give more experiences rather than gifts which are very easy to organize last minute! Here are my top ideas for last-minute ideas…even if you are an early shopper you can use these for other gifts that you have to give throughout the year.

I have always loved giving experience gifts. These mean that people are not accumulating things but accumulating memories.

1. A night away is a great gift for a couple. I have given this to my parents before with concert tickets. It works well for a group gift and my parents were so excited to have it all organized for them. When you organize let the hotel know it is for a special occasion and they often have perks for the guests.

2. A membership to a local museum, recreation center or indoor play area. I love suggesting these for my parents to give to my kids. These are gifts that keep giving throughout the year and they help us with our budget!

3. Gift cards to the movies and dinner. This one is great for any university students that you have in your life. Student life can be tough on the wallet and a date night for a couple can be a huge treat.

4. Do you have a foodie in your life? Cooking classes can be an amazing experience to learn a new technique or to cook a favorite dish.

Over the past few years, we have discovered months subscription gifts. These are gifts that just keep giving all year. They are often unique and it is always fun to get mail!

1. We loved getting a Kiwi Co Box once a month. They have STEM activities in them and the kids loved building them. It was also so great to have one-on-one time with the kids to create something. Check out website and use code AWESOME so you can get 60% off your first box and up to 4 months FREE!

2. Do you have a gardener to buy for? Many florists will do a monthly flower delivery. You can customize it for how often the flowers are delivered and how long. This is also a great group gift! 3. Streaming services can be a great gift for someone who is on a budget. Gifting a year of Netflix or Disney+ can be a great treat for a family or student who is on a fixed or limited income.

Are you looking for a gift that is more mindful or educational? I have made some suggestions this year for my family that are apps. These are again great gifts that won’t fill my house with stuff.

1. A yearly subscription to a meditation app, like Headspace, can be a huge benefit for someone in your life that needs a tool to help with anxiety or stress.

2. Do you know a new mama? Enlightenhood is an amazing online community that is launching a new membership that will have a ton of resources just for moms! Check out this website and just add my name in the referred section.

3. Amazon’s Audible app is another great gift for anyone who likes to read but maybe doesn’t have a ton of time to read a physical book. It would also be a great app for anyone who is a traveler or commuter. Check out this website for some holiday deals!

All of these ideas are easy for you to find online and order right from your computer or phone. Then all you need to do is create a gift certificate to wrap and voila you are done your shopping and you did even have to get dressed!

Follow along with me on my Instagram (@mountainmamawellness) to see who in my family got which of these gifts :)

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