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How time flies!

Woah! How have six months passed since we moved? This is hard to believe... at first the time seemed to move so slowly while we were adjusting and adapting to our new home, town and country. Then we hit our stride, we got into a new routine, the next thing I knew it was April and we had been living in the US for six months. As I reflect on these last few months I am grateful for the new friends we have made, the new places we have been and the new activities we have been able to do. But it continues to be an adventure.

We continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a family. My heart bursts when I see Ben join in an new activity with little nervousness. He now sees familiar kids at other places around town and is happy to go up and play. He was so excited when one of the girls in his gymnastics class was on his soccer team (I was too!) I have spread my wings a bit more too. I have been able to attend an amazing group called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and have now a group of moms in Eagle that I have been connecting with on a regular basis. I wish I had found them earlier. Work is finally slowing down for Tim and he has had a chance to get out on his bike and is looking forward to some time to go fishing. Although we have started to feel more comfortable here there are still times when being away from our family and friends is hard. I know that this is part of the life we choose but come on Elon Musk, where is that teleportation machine already :)

Finally this week my employment authorization card finally now what? I have been struggling with this for the last 6 months. Do I try to teach in Colorado? Do I find something completely different? Do I continue to stay home with the kids? When faced with all of these questions one answer kept coming from my heart...staying with the kids. I have been given this amazing opportunity to be home with them and it has been wonderful. They have taught me so much about how strong I am as a mom and a person. They are curious and inquisitive, they test me and each other. I know that there will be times when I will feel overwhelmed or frustrated or tired or sad that I haven't talked to an adult all day...but they are only little once. I always try to remember the days are long but the years are short.

I am so grateful for this blog and sharing with everyone! I hope that you are enjoying learning about our adventures. Having a place where I can share and reflect has helped me to fully understand what an amazing opportunity it is for us to be in Colorado.

Ben hiking on a trail behind our house!

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